JOHO® ​a brand owned by JC Store Sdn Bhd also known as Joho concept store, has been registered and trademarked in December 2009. Apart from the brand, we also have JOHO® ​Club, an established registered club that gathers local talents, young entrepreneurs, art enthusiasts and passionate people of Johor in one harmonious place. In other words, we are grooming JOHO®​ to be a platform for Johor lovers to showcase what they have to offer.

Our store offers high quality merchandises under  JOHO®​ brand,from apparels to conceptual merchendises that blends well with the current fashion,trend and style of the new generation. The sky's the limit! We aim to strive for the highest level in the apparel retail industry by bridging quality products and maintaining local 'flavour' for global needs.

CONCEPT STORE FUTURE PLANS: to have JOHO Concept Store in major shopping outlets across the world by starting locally in Johor and expand steadily to nationwide,South East Asia and the rest of the world.

Apart of having the concept store,we also design and produce our own apparels and merchandises based on client's requirements. Be it for events,activities,corporate seminars or campaigns, our commitment is set to help you achieve your objectives through our designs. Our mission is to be the most progressive,efficient and respectable creative agency. Last but not least our vision is to excel in delivering outstanding products and services through creative & dynamic team that work as one integrated think tank that provides the best creative solutions for our clients.

JOHO Concept Store is now located at JOHO HQ @ No. 52 B Jalan Inderaputra, Stulang Laut 8000, Johor Bahru.